About the company

BALTIC PORK LLC was founded in 2000. Later in 2001, the company started its activities in pig farming. The first pigs were raised on the Soviet times pig farm “Krastmalas” in Allaži village, Sigulda municipality.

Today our farms are one of the most modern pig breeding complexes in Latvia which provides a full cycle of pig breeding from the birth of piglets to fattening, which can simultaneously house 20 thousand pigs. In 2012, BALTIC PORK LLC started operating the the newly built pig breeding complex “Rukši” in Laubere village, Ogre municipality. The modern complex can simultaneously house 12 thousand pigs.

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Hybrid pigs of Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc cross breeds raised at pig breeding complexes of BALTIC PORK LLC are mainly sold on the Latvian market. Our piglets are in demand among numerous pig breeding companies too. Some part of BALTIC PORK LLC pigs are exported.

BALTIC PORK LLC is constantly developing. Even now we are actively expanding and improving the pig breeding complexes “Krastmalas” and “Rukši” and introducing the best available technologies and practices to ensure good health of pigs and the quality of the environment.


BALTIC PORK LLC activities in numbers


euros – payments to the state budget in 2019

tons – of organic fertilizers in 2019

tons – the volume of grain consumed in 2019


What actions do we take to protect the environment?

Environmental protection is an integral part of our business. To minimize the harmful impact on the environment and the local population, BALTIC PORK LLC pig breeding complexes are equipped with the most modern and efficient ventilation systems, as well as, pig manure is used for biogas production. It loses up to 80% of its characteristic odor, preserves and even improves all the positive qualities of organic fertilizer. Biogas plants also have many other positive effects on the environment. More detailed information can be found in the section “Biogas production”.
Transportation of pig manure to biogas plants and storage of the substrate created during biogas production takes place in a closed system. This helps to prevent the spread of residual odors in the environment. The introduction of the substrate into the soil occurs simultaneously with the spreading ,which ensures a minimum impact on the environment and the life of the local population.

The pig breeding complexes of BALTIC PORK LLC are closely supervised by state institutions that have established strict rules in the field of environmental protection. Any changes in the operation of the pig breeding complexes are subject to the procedures assessing their impact on the environment.

Our partners

We highly value our customers and always strive to provide consistent quality and adhere to business ethics.

BALTIC PORK LLC maintains friendly relations with local farmers: the company buys feed for pigs, creating a mutually convenient cooperation cycle by providing agricultural soil fertilizers.

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