Organic fertilizers and soil improvers

The substrate obtained in the biogas plant (fermentation residue) is a valuable fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements that can be applied to the soil using fertilizer and fertilization equipment. Compared with unprocessed liquid manure, the use of processed manure has several advantages. For example, it is more homogenous thus improving the nutrient absorption by plants, in addition the unpleasant odor of the manure is considerably less distinct.

We also provide transportation and application of fertilizers on agricultural land.

(on a contractual basis)

Improved fertilizer efficiency

Pickup without entering the territory

For a more convenient and safe collection of fertilizers, we have created a separate filling station for manure transportation vehicles, which is accessible without entering the territory of the pig breeding complex. Manure transportation vehicles can be filled up by yourselves at any convenient time. The substrate is available from March 15 until November 15. The use of the substrate is subject to the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers number 834 “The requirements for the protection of water, soil and air from pollution caused by agricultural activities” (December 23, 2014).


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